Friday, August 28, 2009

Whats your Motivation??

Motivation is a key element in determining ones goals and future aspirations. Motivation can be a driving force behind some of the biggest breakthrough's in a person's life. For our clients at KEY 2 Sports & Fitness Training we ask you today what is your Motivation?? What drives you to become better than those around you? What separates you from being normal in your environment?

As a young boy I was motivated to be the best athlete I could be. I loved basketball and football. Every day of my life I spent countless hours doing the things I believed it took to prepare myself for greatness in those areas. As a result I was awarded with an opportunity to play college sports!

Very early on I was not very motivated by weight lifting and things of that sort. I wasn't the kid sitting around thinking of all my favorite body builders and strongmen. I was more of a active kid really participating in all types of sports (not insinuating that other kids are not active). I was playing everything because competition drove me to winning & winning was everything for me. Athletically I got into basketball & football because that's what my father was in to. He would always be watching or talking about the game, so I found myself picking up on it as well. The friends I had played those sports as well so it fell right in-line for me. I was, at that time, motivated to be a good player & a winner.

Well as I got older the motivation I had to excel in those sports grew. As my body began to develop, it was clear that I needed to do something to keep my athletic edge. So, around my 8th grade year I began to invest in my body by lifting weights. I can remember my friends and I meeting up with this "old-head" who would show us how to lift properly. This guy was a very short but a very muscular individual who saw something in us and decided to help us out. And since he was spending say...3 to 4 hours a day in the weight room anyway, helping a few kids in the process was no big deal. I can remember it like it was yesterday, the first time I got underneath 135lbs on the bench press. I felt like I was benching the world! It was awesome. I was hooked, but the motivation to continue was solely based on the fact that it would help improve my level of athleticism for the sports football & basketball.

I carried that motivation all through out college. Admittedly so, I never lifted weights because I liked it (back then). I lifted to get better and ultimately to be a better winner. As a result I played Division 1-AA football at a very high level and excelled in ways I never thought I could.

But, something strange happened. After I graduated from college I no longer had the same motivation to succeed on the playing field anymore. My playing days were over. I was changing on the inside as a result of the changes that had been made on the outside. I had to redefine my goals and reestablish a new motivation so that I would continue to move forward being fit as well as strong. So I got involved with coaching and helping other kids get to levels I hadn't gotten to myself. My motivation was to help others and by doing do thrive off the fulfillment. I wanted to still be a winner, but I want to win through building character & integrety in others and not simply through my own personal involvement in it.

I knew the kids I was coaching would think I was a fraud if I wasn't practicing what I was preaching. Being better then them at all times was a standard I set for myself. It was about having integrity so that my message in words and in deeds would come across smoothly. As my coaching career came to an end I decided that helping people was where I wanted to be. So I began to look into personal training and training athletes. I transferred my on the field/in the office experience to in the gym (the true office). I have to be able to meet people from all walks of life, people who've dealt with various circumstances and trials. This drives drives me to get more knowledge. If drives me to maintain my strength and fitness so that others may look to be like me. It motivates me to continue when I feel like giving in.

So that leads me to where I am today. Owner of a business, a brand & a style of life that people, real people can relate with and utilize. I try not to preach to the people I come into contact with. I simply allow them to see their own potential, set their own higher standards & reevaluate their motivation for why they are doing what they do.

Oh yeah, and as for working out. It motivates me to live what I preach and keep on pressing. Step outside the "comfort zone" and achieve things you never thought imaginable.

I hope you can answer that question for yourself with satisfaction. If you are serious about being great, being a winner and someone to look up to ask yourself, whats my motivation? Whats driving me. There is no right or wrong answer, just results.


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