Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cabin Fever Workout

Ok, I know most of us here in the tri-state are being hit with a severe snow storm. Because of that, most of us had to sacrifice a day at the gym. Well not to worry! We have put together a short workout to help you stay on track!

Full body workout # 1

Hard wood floor or kitchen floor workout- get a small towel of blanket that slides pretty well 1st!

Warm-up: x10 each
Fire hydrants
Lying opposites
Spider man lunges
Glute bridge single leg
Iron cross

Set #1: 3 sets
A. Body weight squat x 15
B. Floor push-up with jack knife (using towel) x 12
C. Plank w/ "army crawl" knee lift x 8 each leg (assume the plank position and while holding it laterally raise your knee toward your elbows slow and controlled)

Set #2: 3 sets
A. Reverse slide lunge x 10 each (place back leg on the towel and begin to reach backward keeping a strait leg, while leaning slightly over your front knee)
B. Mountain climber push-up x 20-40sec (do 4 mountain climbers followed by 1-4 push-ups until you reach the desired time)
C. Swiss ball (we all have one in our homes don't we?) Ab roll out x 10-15

Set #3: 2 - 3sets
A. Leg curl (use towel under your heels) x 10
B. Shoulder circuit x 8-12 each (take two moderate weight holdable items and complete this circuit examples: gallon of milk, juice, clothes detergent, books etc)
-upright row
-curl & shoulder press
-bent over row
-lateral shoulder raise

C. Wind shield wipers x 12 each (lie on your back and raise your legs strait up over your head, then rotate them from side to side [10 o'clock to 2 o'clock]

Try out this workout and email me if you have questions!
-Cornell Key
Key 2 Sports

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